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We don’t just offer affordable and quality ceiling fans installation, we also assist you with any accessories you might need. Whether you need a light, an extension rod, a remote or control, we have the skills and knowledge to find compatible accessories for the model of your choice.

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Ceiling fan suitability is determined by many variables.

Where will the fan be installed? – Indoors, outdoors, coastal or salt spray prone location

What size will you need? – do you have limited space, have a small room such as a study, an average sized bedroom, a large living area, patio/alfresco area…

What functionality will you require? – are you replacing a light in a room? If so you might like to look at ceiling fans with light packages. How are you wanting to operate the fan? This could be by wall control, pull cord or remote control. Futhermore, how energy conscious are you? While ceiling fans in general are energy efficient, there are extra features available to you to increase your energy saving such as selecting a fan with a DC motor or LED light kit.

What style are you after? – depending on your interior design, you might like to narrow your search to select from our Modern, Traditional, Architectural, Retro or Tropical range. Additionally we have a Basic selection for those wanting something super simple and basic for investment properties, rentals and the like.

Why Install Ceiling Fans


Low Purchase Price

Ceiling Fans start very cheap, compare this to Air Conditioning its a no brainier


Effective in Summer and Winter

Use ceiling fan in summer and winter mode , most fans have this dual feature mode


Ceiling fans work together with air-conditioning

Ceiling fans can help circulate the air from your air conditioner making it run more effiecient

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Looks amazing

These days ceiling fan look absolutely amazing, being made from advanced materials there no shape and color they can't be

How does a fan work in Sumer?


Ceiling fans as we all know cool us in summer by creating a breeze and increasing the evaporation of perspiration.  In summer the ceiling fans create a cooling downward airflow with the leading blades pointed up to move the air down and the fan rotating in a counterclockwise direction.  Effective ceiling fans can make a room feel up to 6 degrees Celsius cooler.  Thus a home can be kept quite cool even on a Brisbane summer day by the use of ceiling fans.

Ceiling-fan-blade-rotation-for-winter-and-summer-time (1)
Ceiling-fan-blade-rotation-for-winter-and-summer-time (1)

How does a fan work in Winter?

Among the advantages of ceiling fans is that they are effective in winter as well.  In winter, the setting on the ceiling fan should be changed so that the fan roates clockwise with the leading blades pointing down, this pushes the air at the top of the ceiling back downwards.  As hot air naturally rises, this hot air becomes trapped at the top of the ceiling.  However using a ceiling fan in winter will warm the room by pushing this hot air back down again.  It has been estimated that the winter advantages of ceiling fans can be a saving of around 15% of energy costs.

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