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Electrical Safety Checks Are Very Important

When was the last time your house has had a complete safety electrical check?

Getting an electrical safety check is something most people don’t ever think about until something goes wrong. It might be a power outage, safety switch tripping or even switchboard fires.

You should get your home a complete safety electrical check with the report to identify things that might go wrong in the future installations that have been done incorrectly or even worse pose an immediate threat to life.

When is it necessary?

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Snap Safety Check Process

visual test

Visual inspections

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Testing with instruments

switchboard test

Swtichboard testing


Test and Tag if necessary

Here is Snap Air Conditioning / Electrical checklist we follow.

A full written report and quotation with any recommendation will be provided to you.  

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Tips on Electrical Safety at home

Electrical-Safety chart

Safety inspections for bodycorp

Electrical safety compliance is a legal responsibility in which Body Corporates will be to ensure is maintained. The following outlines all the Regions of electric which need to be inspected and tested to ensure they are compliant


Emergency Lighting

An emergency Light is a battery-operated lighting device that switches on automatically when a building experiences a power outage. It includes singular lights and exit signs.


The Australian Standard (AS/NZS 2293.2:1995) outlines that periodic inspection processes are required for all emergency evacuation light so that they are prepared and working at all times. The standard states that common places, such as unit buildings or anywhere that has single and central emergency light, must be completed no more than every six months. Outcomes for the Body Corporate:

  • Meets legal requirements and insurance criteria
  • Provides guidance to exits in the event of a power outage, fire or other emergency
  • Regular scheduled visits allow for early fault detection and rectification, providing a safer environment and reducing the potential for larger rectification costs.


Switchboard Inspection and Safety Switch Testing

This Australian Standard (AS 3019 -2007) describes this periodic confirmation for electric services in shared areas to be finished. Currently there is no laws stating how frequent the switchboard inspection/testing has to occur, nevertheless it a solid recommendation that Body Corporates finish switchboard inspections every two years as a minimum as it a critical piece of infrastructure for the supply of electricity.


Security Switches have to be tested in accordance with AS/NZ 3760:2010, which specifies which inspection and test should be completed every 6mths (push button) and 2 years(working time test).

Outcomes for the Body Corporate:

  • Meets legal requirements and insurance criteria
  • Duty of care of the asset as well as the residents and visitors
  • Most older building switchboards are no longer compliant with today’s standard and can be a danger due to the common day load occupants may put on the board
  • Safety switches are what can save lives by instantly turning the power off to the circuit in the event of a fault

Communal Area Lighting

Presently there Is no legislation, however temperate area lighting is very important to have working Constantly as residents and visitors utilize the lights to safely and easily locate Their way around the construction. For insurance reasons, it is advisable that all Communal lighting is in working order whatsoever times and that there’s adequate Lighting.

Outcomes for the Body Corporate:

  • Safety of residents and visitors to the building so they can see steps, obstructions, walkways, etc, reducing the chance of any incidents
  • Higher security of residents and deters potential threats
  • Pride in building as the lighting fittings and appearance of building is clean, bright and welcoming
Electrical testing

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