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Sweaty windows, peeling wallpaper, mold coated walls and a musty odor are just a few of the indicators of a poorly ventilated home. The clothes washer, clothes dryer, shower, wash basin, and cooker are only a couple of the numerous resources in the house that produce water vapor. It is an excess of this water vapor which leads to the horrors described above.

The very best method of handling excessive moisture from the house is to properly exhaust it to the exterior through an automatic exhaust fan. These fans are available in various shapes, sizes and styles which correspond with their specific application and how big the area in which they should be used.

Let us take a bathroom, for instance. We use this example because, if you are like most people, you are constantly fighting the mildew battle. This may have a fantastic deal to do with these long, hot showers that the teenagers in the family enjoy. When does a teenager know his shower has been long enough? When there’s no more hot water. Sound familiar.

Seriously, the elevated concentration of water vapor made by a shower will not just generate a fabulous environment for mold to prosper, it is going to peel wallpaper and paint, damage wallboard and may even cause framing members to rot.

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The most popular and known option
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Option for limited roof cavity space + quieter option
exhaust fan and ventilation


Suitable for areas without roof space – installed within the ceiling cavity
ixl tastic exhaust heater light


3 in 1 appliance (exhaust, heat & light)
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Blocked filter due to dirt, dust and harmful contaminates, causing blockages and unhealthy air. 

Why do exhaust fans get installed?

Construction codes in many regions of the nation is only going to require a vent fan in a bathroom that does not comprise an operable window. This fan is required to fully exchange the air five times in the coarse of a single hour. We think that an exhaust fan in the bathroom is essential for every bathroom, window or maybe not!

There are several facets of setup and operation which will create maximum fan efficiency. Whenever possible a exhaust fan ought to be installed in the high point in the ceiling. This applies to rooms with ceilings which are vaulted or comprise soffits or drop ceilings. Also, the fan should be centrally located and in close proximity to the shower which is the single biggest source of water vapor in the bathroom.

Using a buff is only part of this equation. Properly exhausting the fan is a significant part of its successful operation. Most bath fans include a metal housing having a dampered exhaust vent. Rigid or flexible plastic or metal pipe must attach to the exhaust vent and finishing in a port located on the roof or, sometimes, in an exterior wall. The ducting should be fastened to the home and jack with a minumum of one twist and wrapped with duct tape. An exhaust fan should at no time be discharged into an attic or crawl space. This could result in significant damage within these areas.

You may already have an exhaust fan in your bathroom and discover that it isn’t doing an adequate job. This may be due to many different reasons. Among the most common reasons is insufficient usage. The fan exists, but nobody uses it. Frequently the fan is changed independent of lighting for the distance and is not switched on or purposefully as it’s too noisy. Some have even gone so far as to disconnect or unplug the fan motor from inside the housing. 1 way to ensure the fan is employed would be to tie the electrical for the enthusiast and the lighting together. This is sometimes done in the switch or in attic space. If you are not familiar with electrical work this is a task which is best left to the professional electrician.


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Even if the fan is functioning properly it still may not be powerful enough to adequately exhaust all the water vapor. This most assuredly has to do with the enthusiast power. Fans are rated from the cubic feet per minute (cfm). As an instance, a 50 cfm fan will proceed 50 cubic feet of air per minute. An 80 cfm fan is more powerful than just one rated at 70 cfm. To determine the size of the fan required for your toilet the Home Ventilating Institute suggests the following formula. Take the area of the toilet and multiply it by 1.1 (presuming an eight foot ceiling). For example, a six-foot by eight-foot bathroom would demand a lover with a rating of 53 cfm (6 x 8 x 1.1 = 52.8). Bear in mind, this is the minimum recommended dimension. It never hurts to spend the few added dollars for a more effective version. Installation work and cost are usually the same.

One objection that many people need to bath fans is the quantity of sound which they emit. Just as lovers are rated for capacity of air they move, they are also rated to the sound level. The audio level score is expressed in”sones”. Therefore, if your fan is too loud you can substitute it with a quieter, lower sone model. Low sound level lovers will emit approximately two to 3 sones, whereas less quiet models will emit more than five sones.

Another element which will affect buff performance is cleaning and upkeep. Periodically vacuum the fan blades or turbine and casing. A drop of machine oil in the aperture will keep it running smoothly.

Great household ventilation means ducting the cloths dryer to the exterior, and exhaust fans in all bathrooms, the kitchen and the laundry.

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