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Why would rewiring of Electical Cable be needed?

There are many reasons why you would rewire your existing cabling to new up to date cabling.

The main reason is current carrying capacity of the cabling installed and if the existing cable is damage or deteriorating due to being a different construction for example black rubber.

From the 1940 – 1960s cabling came with black rubber sheathing, this rubber sheathing is now completely falling apart so if you do see this in your home please give snap air conditioning electrical a call as soon as possible as this is a very dangerous fire hazard

Another example of why you would need to replace cabling or rewiring is having faulty wiring installed in the first place.  The most famous of these is Infinity cables sold throughout bunnings warehouse, this cable was not up to Australian standards and has caused fires and electric shock throughout Australia

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What are the threats?

burned cables

Old rubber cabling

Used in the 1940 -1960’s


Infinity cabling

Sold at Bunnings and electrical wholesalers.

rodent cable damage

Rodent damage

Mice and rats chew through cabling

melting cable

Melted cabling

Due to , too much current.

How can Snap Air Conditioning / Electrical help

Our licensed Electrician can help you with

test cabling

Insect wiring installation in home or office

test switchboard cabling

Check switchboard for faulty wiring

test current draw cabling

Test current draw on circuits.

test and tag appliances

Test and tag appliances

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Provide Electrical Safety Report.

  Call 07 3084 3501 now if you have any of the above concerns with your electrical calbing.

Why do people trust Snap Air Conditioning?

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Licensed, insured technicians for your safety.

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Perfect installation because installation really matters

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Competitive, honest, affordable & transparent quotes

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5 year workmanship warranty

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We go the extra distance and focus on the small details

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100% Satisfaction, or we'll be back !

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Fast response

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If we damage / dirty anything, we will fix it.

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In house trained technicians,

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Commitment Free installation quotes *.

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Sky Finance with Up to 60 Months Interest-Free *.

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Dedicated office line, to answer your calls.

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