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What you might understand as a power stage is referred to as a’socket outlet’. It is also less commonly known as a GPO, which stands for’General Purpose Outlet’ or’General Power Outlet’, depending on who you ask. The expression’GPO’ is used on building and construction sites  (and therefore seems quite much online), however the word’s obsolete throughout the remainder of the planet.

Socket outlets or power points can be found in a number of distinct styles, and may only be installed or maintained by a licensed electrician.

wifi power points

Different Types Of Power Point Outlets

normal power point


usb outlet

USB Only

power and usb point

USB + Traditional


Weather proof

wifi power points

Wifi power points

power point with night light

Hall way light power points


Pop up power points

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Floor or Bench top mounted remained concealed until needed

Wifi Power Outlets

  • Dual control touch activated power point that switches each outlet independently
  • Blue LED for ON, white LED for Wi-Fi status
  • Use with the Grid Connect app, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa from anywhere
  • Built in ON/OFF function, countdown and cycles, scheduling, scene setting and randomise function in APP
  • 250V a.c. 10A, Australian and New Zealand standards approved

The Deta Smart Touch Activated Double Power Point is sleek and sophisticated. It comes in a gloss white finish, advanced touch-sensitive switch with a blue LED power indicator, and white LED Wi-Fi status indicator for your convenient use. You can remotely turn ON/OFF any plugged-in appliances and set 24hr schedules, countdown, cycle and random timer.

wifi power point
wifi socket outlet app
gpo wifi
stylish gpo

Let us help you, making the right choice.

While others are promoting usb B / power points, we would like to promote the future instead.  Usb c is here in the This Iconic double Power Point with Type A+C USB Charger is designed to eliminate bulky chargers whilst freeing up Power Points. Two dedicated independent ports optimise charging whilst monitoring the temperature of the device to ensure internal components don’t overheat.

usb c power oioint

The biggest advantage of introducing the USB type C is its reversibility feature. The difficulty of plugging in a USB device has been so common that it turned into an internet humour about not being able to plug in correctly even on multiple attempts. The USB type C is reversible and can be plugged in either way – upside or downside. Also, the advantage being its size, it can fit into the smallest of devices and supports bi-directional power, it can work in reverse way for charging peripheral and host devices.

The highest power output of 100W at 20V and 5A is produced when the USB-C is combined with power delivery, with this power it can efficiently charge a notebook with USB PD and type C.

Light Switches

Light switches used to be very simple either single or double switches to turn on and off your lights these days we can instal light switches that have touch dimmers. You are you only required to softly touch an electrical interface which will dim the brightness of your lights, or it will control the speed of your fan
Some switches are Wi-Fi enabled where you can practically tell Google or Alexa to turn your lights on and off to dim them just set them on a timer or switch them on and off even if you are not at home
one of the most reputable makers of switchgear is Clipsal they have an enormous range with switch faces made from glass to metal some even incorporate USB charges into the switchplate
there is an enormous unlimited range of creative designs that you can purchase and snap air conditioning and electrical can instal for you here are a few fantastic new switches

smart electrical
smart electrical switch n
smart electrical switch4
smart electrical switch2

If you are looking for an Electrician to supply and install some of these exiting new power points or switches, give Snap Air Conditioning / Electrical a call on 07 3084 3501 so we can help you install them

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