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What is Electrical Fault Detection?

Finding electrical faults, you will need basic understanding of electrical faults identification in addition to electrical diagrams. Usually, an electrical circuit is created from electrical components like lights, pumps, fans and motors, switches, fuses, relays, circuit breakers and fusible links. With a wiring diagram, the fault-finding is going to be simple because you will identify most of the components.

Assess whether each of those elements on your electric circuit is functioning properly. If several circuits or elements have failed simultaneously, the issue may be attributed to the shared earth or fuse/power connection.

The electric issues can arise due to different problems such as corroded or loose connections, blown fuse, faulty earth connection or melted fusible connections, faulty relay or faulty sensor. Before you begin the testing procedure, you have to inspect the state of the wires, fuses and links in the circuit creatively.

A Digital Volt-Ohm Meter (DVOM) can assist you to identify more faults. The device can help you check for the amperage, volt, resistance, persistence and examine the lights for voltage and load drop. A scope is going to be a better choice when conducting complex error finding.

For intermittent faults, perform the wiggling test on wiring. The test entails wiggling the wiring to find out if a mistake occurs. When using the procedure, you’ll need to narrow down an error to its origin. Irregular wiring faults occur due to filthy or bad relations, internally broken wiring and damaged wiring insulation.

Fault finding problems in the house

Snaps Electrical Fault report

Our electrical Fault detection report gives a good understanding of the current condition of your home electrical system


It will state such things like any damage or general wear and tear that could affect your safety and if there are any electrical components that could cause electric shock or high temperatures that could result in fire. .

These Electrical fault reports are the only way to check that all of your electrical installations are completely safe for use, and that way you can have peace of mind, even with the things you can’t see.

Responding to your Emergency Electrical Repairs

Once an electric fault presents itself requiring emergency attention, make sure to call Snap Air Conditioning / Electrical. Our technicians are on call 24/7 and can make an urgent trip to make sure your home and safety are restored, completing repairs and/or replacement of the faulty appliance.

Snap Air Conditioning / Electrical’s emergency electricians are trained in all aspects of electrical devices, together Air Conditioning credentials, they are able to have your appliance up and running right away. Alternately, if the error requires spare parts, it’s likely these are available from our well stocked warehouse allowing your repairs to be actioned without delay.

Snap Air Conditioning / Electrical will respond to your urgent requirements because: 

  1.  We care and would like to create a fantastic relations ship with our customers.
  2.  We love what we do 
  3.  Problem solving electrical issues is one of our specialties 
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